the house

The Patio
The Dog Domain.... husbands Pride and Joy!!

the house

Our Doberman......whirlwind........single dog demolition team.
Believe it or not we once had a very beautiful patio and just over one short year "Lisa" has turned it into a barren waste. There is not a flower or pot left. The grass has been dug up, the shrubs have been dug up, any fruit on the trees are treated like her favorite tennis ball and chewed to nothing......her bed does not even escape. She drags it into the middle of the a muddy puddle of bare ground....and rips it to shreds......we are working now on the 4th.

the house      the house

We got Lisa when she was just about 5 weeks old.......way to young for a puppy to be taken from its mother in my opinion......but we were told she was 8 weeks old and my husband bought that story. She was so tiny... just about 8 lbs and so wobbly on her little legs she could hardly stand up without falling over. Today she is pushing 70 lbs but she somehow still thinks she is that 8 lb little one and she thinks it is just fine if she sits in moms lap just like she did then.

Lisa loves matter where.....especially with her dad....she will do almost anything to just go......even give up her snack.....forget her favorite thing (food) if a ride awaits.

Lisa Update:

Lisa is now 3 going on 4. She is finally mellowing. The yard is recovering and she is still the apple of her Dad's (my husbands) eye. When dad comes home she grabs her ball and all she wants to do is play. Tug of war, chase or whatever.

Her favorite cat is our youngest Miri. Miri is a scampy "pixie bob". Miri is not one bit afraid of this 81 lb. dog. She teases the dog by running past her like a streak and causing Lisa to leap up giving chase ... accompanied by a "woof" ... which usually startles someone into a "Lisa stop that!" ... at which point you see a totally still cat with a smirk on her face.

mirilisa.jpg - 28535 Bytes

All in all they are buddies and on occasions you find them snoozing together or close to one another.

As far as Miri is concerned Lisa is a DIRTY DOG. And it is necessary periodically to give her a bath ... so at those times you find the 10 pound cat stomping all over the 81 pound dog. Lisa seems to like it but is not quite sure when this campy cat might decide to drag out her Hyde personality with claws.

mirilisabath3.jpg - 22118 Bytesmirilisabath.jpg - 23661 Bytes

mirilisabath2.jpg - 22841 Bytes

There is no doubt Lisa is a "Daddy's Girl" until Daddy is gone then ... well Mom and her office sofa will do.

lisaofc.jpg - 21237 Bytes the house

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