All of my cats are strays...somehow the cats of the world seem to end up on my door step. Now that is perfectly fine with me and I would have a hundred but my hubby says NO! NO! NO! So since married life is about coming to some kind of equal ground I have 7 for the moment.

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As I have said Beau is my scamp. As he is a stray so I am not certain of his breed. A client looked at him one day and said what a beautiful "Main Coon Cat" so I looked into it and have decided that perhaps she is right. I also do not know his exact age but I have had him about 13 years so I figured he was not yet a year old when I got him.

My girlfriend was moving into a store in a brand new
mall here in the area. I was helping her move in and decorate. We had finished a very long day and it was about 1:30 in the morning when we went to our cars to go home. As I approach the car I could see something under it. I stooped down and here was a very skinny mangey looking bag of bones. I reached out and said come here . He leisurely stood up and stretched like cats do and came just close enough for me to grab. I pulled him from under the car and fumbled with my keys to open the car door ... which was a task in that I had a squirming unhappy cat. The more he squirmed the more tightly I held on to him. I knew that the next day which was grand opening for the mall would not be a positive environment for this little one who was obviously living and surviving out of the dumpsters. I got the door open and let him loose in the car and he ran to some corner and howled all the way home. Now what to tell the hubby ... no problem he seemed to accept the hard luck tale and allowed him to stay.

Well Beau got quarantined to the bathroom for about 3 weeks ... then I opened the door and let him get use to the rest of the house, JZ my other cat and Lisa our Doberman. Lisa loved cats but Beau did not much care for her ... in time they got to be tolerant of one another.

In a few months this skinny bag of bones gained weight and grew a beautiful long silky coat. Little by little he made friends with everyone in the house.

When our Lisa died Beau became the dominant animal in the house and his personality blossomed, he seemed to know I was grieving the loss of Lisa and for the first time ever would come and sit in my lap and purr as if to let me know he would do what he could to fill the empty space left by her. Today he is a strapping 16 pound beauty and ever doing some naughty thing for attention. He especially loves the kitchen table when I am reading cards. My clients seem to love him there also ... funny how most of my clients are cat lovers too.

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Now everyone wonders how a boy cat got to be named Jezabel.....its quite simple I thought he was a she. Well so what that I can't tell if a kitten is a boy or girl ... lol

Jz was born next door ... as a kitten he and his very beautiful sister would come and play in my front yard. The sister was a beautiful fluffy long hair calico. She was prissy and the little black one (JZ) was the friendly one but not as pretty. About 5 or 6 months after the kittens were born the neighbors decided to move away. They had given the calico to friends. A couple of days after they had gone, one morning I heard this very pitiful meowing outside my front door. Both Lisa and I ran to the door and when I opened it up this little kitty came walking in as if he belonged here. My first reaction was oh no! The dog will eat this cat. Isn't that what 75 pound Dobermans do? But no this little one seemed to know he was safe and immediately started rubbing himself all over the dogs legs. Lisa was delighted, at the time she was 5 and a half years old. I said why you little Jezabel and that name stuck till I discovered she was a he at which point we shortened it to JZ.

Lisa and Jz became fast friends he was kitten enough to want to play and she was very happy to oblige. They would run through the house in hide and seek. She would finally corner him and he would stand on his hind legs and box with her. The older he got the rougher they played. Now for a 75 pound Dobermans to jump in the middle of you when you are a 15 pound cat it got be be to much of a drag. After having the wind knocked out of him a number of times Jz decided no more boxing matches with Lisa.

They remained buddies as long as she was alive. He was her cat ... and because of that attachment my husband allowed him to stay ... You see Lisa was his favorite.
What Lisa wanted Lisa got!

Today at about 14 JZ is a strapping 22 pounds of tuffy who takes no guff off our new Lisa who is now 3 going on 4.

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One evening about 7 years ago as I was getting off work and walking to my car. I work at a Casino on an Indian reservation near here. Bingo had just let out and there were literally hundreds of cars leaving. As I stepped between the isle of cars I looked down and here was this little black and white kitty. I stopped dead in my tracks for fear I would frighten this little one into the traffic zooming by ... most of the cats around the casino were wild. She stood there looking up at me wide eyed and I said come here little one. Much to my surprise she walked right up to me. I picked her up and petted her while the traffic thinned out to almost none. She just purred and purred. I held her very tight and took her to my car and you got it ... she was destined for a new home. There are many wild cats around the casino. They belong to no one for the most part and whenever possible the cat lovers try to capture them when they are kittens so they will have homes. Unfortunately to nab them all is impossible.
All the way home she was very happy to snuggle on my lap and purr.

When we got home needless to say she acted like she had not had food in a long time. She too stayed in the bathroom for a few days and then I let her in the rest of the house. She very quickly fit in with the rest. She has always been a lap sitter. The min. I sit on the sofa she is in my lap with her tummy in the air ... reaching up with her giant paws and touching my face ... she is so happy she spits and drools ... and she loves to wash my arm, or leg or whatever. She is a joy to have around.

One of the most interesting things about her is she does not seem to know how to jump. She can hop on the sofa or a chair but can not or will not jump on anything as high as the table. Now she can get up there from the chair but from the floor ... never ... very strange.
I have never known a cat that could not jump.

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